Trail Camp and Run 2012: The Night

For the first time in a very very very long time, I went camping with friends. :D All of us were so “sexited” (an inside joke), we felt like kids again! We didn’t want to miss any minute of it without being documented, so we took lots of shots of ourselves together with the camping stuff we brought. ;)

Here’s Boysie pretending to sleep in the newly tied hammock.

All the girls smile in ZE STUDIO SHOT taken inside the tent. :D

Eldren shows off his new varsity Jacket. Nyaha.

Some try to be goofy posing beside a tree.
Everyone does Jessa’s (not in the photo) iconic wacky pose. Haha.
Until something bit Caris’ right foot. The laughter stopped. Everyone panicked! Her right leg was numb. And the numbness rose from her ankle to her thigh.

RESCUE. Snake bite? Scorpion bite? Edward’s? The heck. She was rushed to the hospital and we were left wondering about what really bit her. Many theories were formed. But one thing we’re most certain about is we had to transfer our tent to a safer place (away from grasses and trees). We put it at the center of the sunken oval. Hehe. 

Jigjig still hasn’t recovered. She’s still in panic and hysteria.
I prayed that nothing critical will happen to Caris. And that all of us left in the camp site will be safe.

This is what I saw before I finally went to dreamland.
In the morning, we heardsome good news. Caris is okay, but she still needs to stay in the hospital for further observation. :)

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